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           About Me and my Work

I have spent much of my life intuitively healing in my practice as a massage therapist. While I found that I was able to help many clients, I sensed that others seemed to require more than I could give them with massage alone. My experience in healing from 25 years of physical and emotional trauma from an auto accident which took the life of my daughter Amber has given me a deep understanding and compassion for those who suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety and physical pain. I was fortunate to have many sessions with Anthony William a few years ago and became certified in Reiki as well. Anthony's recommendation that I also work with Muneeza Ahmed who uses the Body Code process for healing, opened my eyes to how the power of releasing trapped emotions could be dynamic not only in my life, but the lives of my clients. I still have a massage therapy practice, but most of my focus is using the Body Code as my primary healing modality.

The underlying cause of all disease, conditions or symptoms are imbalances within the body. There are many that can occur, but one of the most common imbalances is trapped emotions. The Body Code Therapy which includes the Emotion Code, was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson and helps to release these trapped emotions in order to aid in healing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person. This is a many faceted process involving clearing bad energetic connections so that a person can become who she/he was meant to be, free of those stuck balls of energy. These are real and can prevent people from fully realizing the life they are capable of living.

My work involves energetically connecting with you over the phone or by email, asking your subconscious mind simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions, and then using extensive computerized maps of the body to identify and pinpoint the location of stuck energies. I then release them which allows energy to more freely flow in your body. Most often, no further explanation is required of the traumas that may have caused these energies to become lodged from the past week, decades ago, in the womb or even inherited from past generations. I release them, and you begin to feel better.

Many people will feel immediate relief after their session, like a weight has lifted. If your body needs to re-balance to reach homeostasis, you may feel up and down for about 48 hours, but this is rare. Your body will always tell me when the next layer of emotions are ready for release.

I can work with your body in making physical adjustments, identifying nutritional deficiencies along with supplement recommendations and dosages, and can assist you in getting rid of a self-protective heartwall so that you can give and receive love more fully. Pain relief often occurs with each session as long as your conscious mind accepts this as your new reality. 


I look forward to working together to create a new life for you!

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