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My Clients say...

As a Food and Spirit Practitioner, I concentrate on healing the body imbalances of clients with good diet, meditation, visualizations and changing the way they interact with the world in order to relieve stress. I was introduced to the Body Code by Evalee in sessions to move my own healing forward from decades of the disease label of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME/CFS. Before meeting her, I wasn't familiar with how much we're impacted by our trapped emotions, and how freeing it is when they're cleared. It feels like the fog has lifted, and my pain levels have decreased a great deal. But my greatest gratitude to Evalee is that she helped me to return, after 10 years, to my lifelong passion as a singer, piano player and songwriter. I may even perform again!     

Evalee is a very intuitive, warm and caring person who sincerely cares about your health challenges. She has made such a huge difference in my life, and I feel sure she will do the same for you. 

   -Sherry K. 

   McCordsville, IN  

I recently enjoyed a healing session with Evalee, my first after admittedly avoiding such sessions for some time. I must say her gentle demeanor, thoughtful approach and praiseworthy listening skills made the session not only relatively painless but quite enlightening for me. We raced through 15 significant benchmarks in my life like we were riding down the stretch in the Kentucky Derby.

I’ve always prided myself in being able to feel comfortable in my body, a body that’s able to compartmentalize challenges and strife, and had no idea I was holding so much stuff inside me until Evalee helped tap my inner self.

   -Patrick  E.  

   Nashville, TN   

I came to Evalee for treatment for feelings of overall anxiety and I just can’t say enough about the difference even ONE session made with me. Evalee was spot on in honing in on the ages that traumas took place and was able to bring tremendous relief from them. Her intuition is astounding and I just couldn’t be more pleased with my results. I would recommend her whole-heartedly. The greatest thing about these sessions is that I can do them on the phone, never having to leave my house!

   -Trish L.

   Nashville, TN

Evalee helped me with issues I was having with my dog. We did 2 sessions remotely, and to be honest I was pretty skeptical about how this could possibly work. But, incredibly there were immediate positive changes in my dog and his behavior!

   -Janet H.  

   Armonk, NY

I have been having a problem with my memory and was quite worried about early onset Alzheimer’s. Evalee was able to clear numerous trapped emotions, which cleared my mind and alleviated many of my fears and concerns. She is very caring, gentle and understanding.

   -Beth M.  

   Nashville, TN

I went to Evalee for a long-term hip problem. I couldn’t believe my problem could be related to “trapped emotions” but after just 3 sessions with Evalee I was feeling so much better. We did some sessions in person and some remotely, and the results are exactly the same either way… astounding.

   -Madeline B.

    Nashville, TN

After just one treatment of Emotion Code, my muscle cramps and aches were minimized by 90%, that's after having suffered for 5 months of constant horrible pain without relief.  As we continued treatment, I began to feel better and better.  We were getting to the root of the issue, the cause of my aches.  I went to Evalee complaining of pain, I was left with physical peace, internal peace, and a much tender heart.  My mood changed too.  I am happier, more positive, and more upbeat.  My heart has opened even more.  Maybe the pain had affected my mood?  The root of the pain had affected my mood?  It is just incredible.  The work that Evalee does is just amazing and beautiful, granting people love and peace through healing.  I am forever grateful to you, Evalee.  May others find you and be as blessed as me by your gift. 

   -Raquel V.

   Miami, FL

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